Code Adventure: Girls Summer Camp

June 13-15, 2024 (Thur-Sat)


Attend Code Adventure

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Igniting Passion for Tech

Our vision is to spark a lifelong interest in coding for boys and girls in underserved communities in technology. Code Adventure isn’t just about learning; it’s about inspiring students to pursue their passions with their peers!

Our Journey

In just two years, our 3-day summer camps have introduced over 100 students to technology through interactive and fun activities. Our goal is to open doors to future opportunities in tech by connecting students to new friends, mentors, and passion projects.

What's New This Year

  • Two Camps: A day-long camp for students in the Hispanic community in March, and a 3-day camp for girls in the summer
  • Guest Speakers: Inspirational leaders sharing their journeys, advice, and wisdom in tech
  • Revamped Curriculum: A "tech-playground" blending learning experience with exciting, take-home growth opportunities

Why Join Code Adventure?

  • Empowerment: Building confidence and showing a bright future in tech
  • Innovative Learning: Fun and interactive tech experiences
  • Community: Lasting friendships and supportive networks with students and instructors
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Join Us!

Embark on a tech adventure! Apply now for an experience that could shape your future. Limited spots available as our camps are 100% free.

Questions? code.adventure.utah@gmail.com

Together, let's discover and shape the future of technology!

June 13-15 Camp Slots Available

Summer Camp Schedule

Time Thursday June 13, 2024 Friday June 14, 2024 Saturday June 15, 2024
09:00am Orientation
Software Engineering
Data Analytics
11:45am Lunch
12:30pm Cyber Security
UX Design
Tech Challenge

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